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Each restaurant has their menu page, listing what is on offer, as well as nutritional- and product information of the dishes available under the blue info button.

Our restaurant menus this week

Garrison Restaurants

There are separate tabs for personnel and conscript menus.
By ticking the box “Two weeks” you can view both the ongoing week and the next one on the tabs.

Personnel restaurants

We only use fresh Finnish meats (beef, pork, lamb and poultry) in our food production.
(Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Decree 154/2019)

For more information on allergens of the food products, please contact the personnel or see the restaurants menu.
The markings in the menu describe whether the food is lactose-free (L), dairy-free (M) and gluten-free (G).

Our food might contain following allergens:

Grains and grain products containing gluten
Shellfish and shellfish products
Eggs and egg products
Fish and fish products
Nuts and almonds, including nut and almond products
Soybeans and soybean products
Milk and milk products (incl. lactose)
Peanut and peanut products
Celery and celery products
Mustard and mustard products
Sesame seed and sesame seed products
Sulphur dioxide and sulphites
Lupins and lupin products
Mollusc and mollusc products

Please note that we prepare our meals in facilities where also potential allergens are handled. In addition, some of the raw ingredients we use are manufactured in facilities where there are allergens present.