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A responsible catering specialist

Leijona Catering Oy is a Finnish catering company established in 2012. Our biggest client is the Finnish Armed Forces, and we provide all their catering services. Another important client of us is the Criminal Sanctions Agency, with whom we signed a partnership contract in 2018.

Leijona kitchens prepare food with long-standing traditions. Catering services for the newly independent Finland were launched first already in February of 1918. All that operational reliability tested over decades, as well as the unique catering know-how, now lives on in Leijona Catering.

Our kitchens combine iron-clad experience with constant innovation. We prepare tasty and healthy meals on-site from carefully selected, clean ingredients. We cherish the unique aspects our history and companionship with the Armed Forces have created.

Taking responsibility into account is a pivotal policy for us. We know our responsibilities as catering specialists promoting customer well-being and as a work community. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our processes throughout the food chain.

Key flag

Leijona Catering was awarded the Key Flag symbol in September 2020. It is a statement about the Finnishness of our service.

The Key Flag symbol says that we are a 100 % Finnish company that produces its services and employs people in Finland.

”We are immensely proud to be able to do responsible and meaningful work in Finland, and we wish to give full recognition to our expert staff engaged in Finnish work”, says HR manager Heidi Kolehmainen.

The criteria for granting the Key Flag symbol include the domestic content of the service as well as all the Finnish costs incurred in the production of the service. The Key Flag is awarded by the Key Flag Symbol Committee of the Association for Finnish Work, which strives to increase the appreciation of Finnish work and promote its success.

Leijona Promises

We always listen intently

We fulfill the needs and wishes of our clients regardless of the time and location. We are successful, because we listen to our clients carefully, and not merely with our ears, but also our hearts.

We know and embrace our responsibility

Our main mission is to provide for our customer well-being. We will carry our duties through without compromise or giving up in the face of challenges. When our clients are well, the whole country is well.

We prepare tasty and healthy foods

Our food is clean and fresh, nutrient rich and healthy, tasty, delicious. We know the cuisines of the world, but when it comes to ingredients, we favor the Finnish ones.

The Organization

Executive management

•Ritva Paavonsalo, Chief Executive Officer

•Petra Granqvist, Business Director

•Heidi Kolehmainen, HR Manager

•Soile Rissanen, Financial Director

Board of Directors

•Anne Ilola, Chairman of the Board

•Timo Rotonen, Lieutenant General

•Anu Ora, Chief Executive Officer

•Sanna Poutiainen, Director of Corporate Steering Unit

•Jari-Pekka Punkari, Chief Specialist

•Anton Westermarck, Financial Director

Leijona years

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