Providing for a good life

Responsibility is one of Leijona values and an integral part of our company operations. Responsible policies and nature awareness are built in everything we do. We are committed to reducing the environmental impacts throughout the entire food chain. We know our responsibility as a work community and a business partner, as well as a specialist and innovator in the catering field. Our work towards responsibility aims to promote equal opportunity for wellbeing, resource-smart economy and a realization of carbon-neutral society. The work progress is monitored by employing the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) -guidelines. Our operations are evaluated on a yearly basis according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 -standards.

In Leijona we provide for a good life. For us it means that we are aware of the impact of our work, not only with respect to our personnel and clientele, but also significantly on the entire society. Promoting healthy eating habits and lifestyles reinforces well-being far into the future, from one generation to the next.

We are committed to UN’s Agenda2030-goals in the vantage points of equality, sustainability and sustainable use and respect of natural resources. We will achieve our goals in co-operation with our partners and clients, seeking novel approaches for familiar needs with open minds.